Born: Madison Heights, Michigan …..

Born: Madison Heights, Michigan …..

Born: Madison Heights, Michigan …..

Born: Madison Heights, Michigan ….. Statistics: 34D-25-37
Bio: From registered nurse to rippling, hardcore, hard body MILF, Kendra Lust has had quite a journey to X-rated fame. Dancing helped pay her way through college, but once graduated Kendra worked as a registered nurse for several years. Though born in the States, she is of French-Canadian and Italian heritage and was always known as a bit of a goody two-shoes. But still waters run deep, as they say. Naughty Kendra liked to tease and began doing amateur cam shows in her spare time. The guys watching weren’t the only ones getting turned on. Nurse Kendra seriously began thinking about a career in adult entertainment. She was past 30 when she took the decision to take up an offer to shoot her first adult movie. The rest is history, as they say. She’s been nominated as MILF of the Year at the Xbiz Awards 2013.
With her passion for fitness, Kendra’s also very much caught the attention of female muscle lovers, who have had the pleasure of seeing her shoot repeatedly for Dirty Muscle and Female Muscle Pornstars. Kendra works out daily and isn’t afraid to show she’s got power as well as sensitivity. She’s also got brains and plans some day to get behind the camera and start directing and producing adult films herself.
“In my twenties, I was too worried about what people would think. Now that I’m in my early thirties, I am less concerned with what others think and more concerned with what I want to do,” Kendra explains. “I like working with more experienced performers and directors. I always try to learn something from experienced performers in the industry. My best experience has been working with two guys at once. It was such an eye opener.” Kendra also likes getting it on with other girls and describes herself as very much bisexual. She plans to go on shooting for as long as she enjoys it and as long as the fans want her. So we can be grateful to see the Kendra Lust super body in action for a good while yet.

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Never-seen 3D Porn Series about a school of sexy sinners! Teachers and students in all-out orgies right at school! 3D Raunchy School is your much-awaited ticket to the world of never-ending school sex fantasy!
How about a school with an attitude? Check into Raunchy School to find all your school orgy sex fantasies get real! Everybody gets it on with everybody here, students, teachers, parents! Insane 3D series!
Go back to school with a sex revenge! With Raunchy School, you can live through your favorite school sex fantasies again. Hardcore orgies never stop at Raunchy School, a school you would love to study at!
Just as anything else, the healthcare facilities here at Raunchy School are flawless. The students are supposed to be in good health at any time, so the medical staff takes care of it night and day. Whenever a student feels any symptoms, he is always welcome to check with the school’s doctors. And boy they are helpful! Check out this outstanding story to find out what happens behind the doors!
Let’s abandon the walls of Raunchy School for a while. The weather is warm and the barbecue season is just starting. Boy, what a time to get together for old pals! It’s important that teachers maintain good contact with their students’ parents. The Hallwards sent Becky to stay at her friends and are having a yard party with a couple of handsome male teachers of Raunchy School. See how it goes!
Raunchy School is a great place for students, but it does not mean their parents can’t get part of the fun! They are always welcomed to come visit the teachers and see how their kids are really doing. Not that the students are concealing the bad stuff from them, far from it. But it’s always great to get the information first hand, and sometimes even more than that! Looks like some parents could use some teaching as well…
Everybody at Raunchy School is a personality. The school cherishes the development of each and every individual. And hell, sometimes these individuals are kinky! Still, the school kinda manages to strike a balance everybody enjoys. However different they all are, when they go past the Raunchy School doors, they are one happy family. Or are they? Find out with this crazy story!
At Raunchy School, much attention is paid to making sure guys and girls get along together. Boys are taught respect towards their female friends, and hell this is working out good. And whenever a guy breaks his rule, he has to apologize and admit his fault. Sometimes they might even get a bit of punishment! But you know Raunchy School. Everything here has a special flavor! Check out this very episode to see what we are talking about.

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