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Everything customers love about MaxCDN

Everything customers love about MaxCDN is available from StackPath. Learn more about StackPath CDN, and the entire StackPath edge computing platform.
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While our legacy MaxCDN services had great performance, StackPath CDN is powered by more than 50 PoPs around the world. That means content is cached close to more of your end-users than before.
Compared to our legacy MaxCDN service, StackPath CDN gives you better cache control. With high-capacity SSDs and advanced caching techniques, you get industry-leading cache depth to make more content available longer at the edge. And with Instant Purge, when you delete content from our CDN (whether through the customer portal or via API), it immediately is no longer served via StackPath, anywhere.
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Kinky image from this explicit

Kinky image from this explicit gallery, in honor of International Fetish Day (today). This is what happens when you don’t do your porn homework.
Hey, maybe I can finally get a degree in *something*. I like that the instructor is female. Praemedia sends me, via Japundit, University Opens Porn Course:
A university in Taiwan has opened a course to teach students how to appreciate and analyse porn movies. The Mass Communication Department of Providence University opened the course this semester, reports United Daily News.
To pass the course, students must give a 15 minute presentation in which they analyse an audience’s psychological reaction to a porn clip from an academic perspective.
One worried student, who did not wish to be named, commented: “If I get a very good score in this course, I don’t know how I’ll explain it to my parents.” When registering for the voluntary course, students signed a paper agreeing that if the scenes were too explicit, they could choose to leave the classroom.
The teacher, assistant professor Miss Chen Mingmei, said no students had ever left her class but some would briefly cover their eyes during the stronger scenes. (…read more, news.myjoyonline.com)

Wolverine is a famous fictional

Wolverine is a famous fictional character that appears in comics books, created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, and John Romita. He is also known under the name Logan. Wolverine is one of the most powerful X-men out there : he has the animal-keen senses, the strength, the will and last, but not least, he has the power to heal people, helping them recover from their wounds. Today, I would like to introduce you the first Wolverine porn parody ever made! Directed by the successful Axel Braun, this funny porn parody of Wolverine, called Wolverine XXX : an Axel Braun porn parody has known a lot of success among Wolverine fans (and not only !). Last week, we told you about Scream porn parody and Spiderman porn parody, time for your to discover Wolverine XXX parody ! Check the trailer on the left and purchase the full movie by clicking on the link below

November 24, 2021

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