The Pain Files is your

The Pain Files is your

The Pain Files is your

The Pain Files is your genuine source of high quality bdsm movies of lifestyle S/M female slaves in severe punishments and torments to tears. The faces of pain are painted in agony as play piercing needles are inserted into pussies and tits, the whip dances painfully over the slavegirls full body and the intense pain of the electro shock implements are sending waves of pain through the screaming slavegirls. All our extreme bondage movies, sado maso films and hardcore bdsm footage is entirely real and performed by consenting adults who enjoy power exchange, pleasure and pain or simply severe bdsm sex. Our s&m movies are downloadable and members get full and unrestricted access to our archives of extreme fetish videos, intense bdsm videos and extensive coverage of slave girls suffering harsh punishments in the dungeon. Hardcore slavegirl movies and severe dungeon games with true masters, masochist female slaves and intense punishments on display in high quality fetish films.
Fear, pain, tears and torments fill our dungeons and you can get a first hand seat to the extreme adventures of our kinky slaves, extreme bdsm lifestylers and hardcore fetish models. Experience all the painful torments of slavegirls such as Crystel Lei, Tigerr Benson (aka Tigerr Juggs ), Miss Chaos, Gina, Kumimonster, Emily Sharpe and many more as they enter the dungeons of The Pain Files. We are always updated with the latest adventures in pain from our slave girls. New movies are released in high definition to give you an intimate look at the extreme bdsm activities endured by our submissives. If hardcore bdsm films is your thing. You have come to the right place. We use a wide range of punishments in the training and torments of our slave girls ranging from rigid spanking to harsh whipping, from strict bondage and suspension to extreme needle bdsm. Nothing is too extreme – as long as its consensual. We use needles to penetrate slavegirls nipples and pussy lips, electro shock punishments and unbearable hell-pain whipping. New “what is bdsm?” guide inside for those desiring a read up on bondage and submissions, discipline and slavegirl training. These masochists endure for pleasure, to prove they can or simply because they are devoted to the master or mistress ordering their ordeal.
It is kinky. It is painful. It causes tears and pain. But thats what the sadists and masochists of The Pain Files are all after. The rush and the subspace that can only be found in extreme fetish sessions and hardcore bdsm endurance is exactly what these female masochists crave. We have a wealth of european submissive, american slave girls and other kinky fetish models from around the world ready for you. With faces full of fear they enter our dungeons. During sessions they scream, cry and beg. But in the end they are all proud of the punishments they endure. See their training, discipline and severe pain sex as it unfolds. All the s&m movies are exclusive and downloadable.

Sexy beauty in lingerie and

Sexy beauty in lingerie and her man
A sensual chick in lingerie teases her boyfriend when he surprised her by lifting up her skirt and taking a peek at what was underneath her clothes. Being affy and liking what he saw, he wanted to see even more! She was uncomfortable with her body and was being rather shy at showing what he wanted to see. She eventually became affy at the idea that she was turning him on by what she was wearing so she showed him what he wanted to see! With her legs up in the air, and her pussy covered by her tight cute panties, her pussy was for him to view! She was wearing a sensual lacy bra and matching panties with a garter belt attached. How very sensual she looked, indeed! As she laid down on her bed, her big breasts seemed even bigger by the way they were pointed up towards the sky. His interest only grew stronger.

Meet Greco Rai, one of

Meet Greco Rai, one of our most recent and exciting additions to the Helix roster. This sexy, down-to-earth 18-year-old seems remarkably comfortable in his own skin. And really, who wouldn’t be comfortable in that firm, slender body? Evan Parker is certainly looking forward to being inside Greco too, but first the resident Helix stud helps us get to know this newcomer. Back on the subject of Greco’s confidence, the gorgeous, young twink knows exactly what he wants out of life, and during sex.
Greco likes having his hair pulled, and doesn’t mind being thrown around while getting fucked. And that would be Evan’s cue to transition to the bedroom, whip out his perfect cock, and give this boy exactly what he wants.

November 19, 2021

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