This video is full of

This video is full of

This video is full of

This video is full of a very powerful mistress that loves to do hard-core things while being on camera. However, she also is going to be dominated as well. There will be lots of hard-core golden shower action, but there also will be reversed domination with a powerful stud that is going to show her what it is like to be humiliated as well. She will have piss on her ass.
A powerful woman is going to instruct one of her loser slaves to get on the ground. She is extremely tired of all of his complaining and all of his excuses of why he cannot simply obey commands. Instead, she is going to make him open his mouth and he is going to drink a huge glass of her golden nectar. She wants him to understand that there are consequences for his actions.
Miss Barbara is a beautiful mistress that loves to be dominating. She has always gotten a great deal of attention, but when she decides it is time for her to make one of her loser slaves get on the ground and clean her ass, she is deeply amused. She also is going to make him drink up all of her golden nectar. She thinks her slave is very pathetic and a loser.
Gianna is famous for being brutal, but she also is very hard-core and she gets everything she wants. Today, she is going to instruct her slave to get on the ground and stick his head inside of her toilet. She also is going to make him open his mouth and drink up all of her golden nectar, no matter how bad he is trying to fight it. She is dominating.
Lina is a young woman that loves to be dominant and she also loves to do things to her slave, that can be considered quite brutal. She is going to sit on the face of her slave, as she is taking a nice hot piss. She will then instruct him to clean all of her holes, because she wants him to feel completely dominated and totally humiliated in front of her.
A sexy mistress is going to do something that is really horrible, but she does not care. Her plan is to invite a slave over, because he thinks he is going to be humiliated and dominated. However, that is not her plan. She is going to pee in a bottle, but then instruct him to drink all of her golden nectar. He has no choice but to obey her.
A woman is trying to piss off her ex-boyfriend. She went over to get a few of her items after a breakup, but she decided to do a few other things that will really make him mad. One of them is to pee her shorts, but then she is going to leave the entire mess in his bathroom, so that he will end up having to clean up everything while she is laughing.
This woman is amazing when it is time for her to start letting all of her golden showers go. She also is into hard-core torture, which includes various types of clamps holding onto her pussy lips. She is going to give her slave the best golden shower ever, and she also is going to make sure that he is the best piss drinking slave she has ever had as well.
A young woman is going to get ready, because she is going to have one of her first golden shower slaves ever come to her house for some fun. Her plan is to be extremely hard-core, because she wants the slave to understand that her needs come first. She has an extreme piss fetish, but she also wants the slave to drink up all of her golden nectar from a big kitchen bowl.
This Mistress is going to have some fun with one of her favorite slaves. Her plan is to sit on her specially made toilet seat that does not have any type of bottom, because she is going to make her slave get underneath her pussy. From there she is going to let out all of her golden nectar so that it covers his face and he is forced to drink up everything.
Erica is well known for having smelly pee, but she does not care. She has always been a fan favorite to all of her slaves, because she has such an intense piss fetish. She likes to keep herself well groomed, because ultimately she is going to have a golden shower surprised that is going to make every single slave she sees very happy with all of her warm golden nectar.
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When these two women get together, it can be extremely brutal for any slave that is going to have a session. It also can be worse if another female shows up, because three women together dishing out hard-core golden showers can be a great deal for one slave to endure. However, these women do not care and they are deeply amused by how pathetic the slave looks on the ground.
This beautiful blonde mistress can be very dominating and she also knows how to properly humiliate a slave. One of her favorite things to do is make a slave get on the ground in front of her. She will then begin to give her slave the perfect golden shower, because she wants him to feel like a total human toilet seat when she is all done with their hard-core piss fetish session
A mature woman is going to have a very hard-core session of ass fucking, but during all of the action she is going to get the urge to take a hot piss. Instead of just going to the bathroom, she is going to release all of her golden nectar all over the place. She might even make the person fucking her ass cleanup all of the golden nectar.
When Mandy gets ready to have fun, she is going to always be one of the best when it comes to any form of piss fetish. She loves to show off her clean pussy, but her best attribute is going to be her ability to give a great golden shower. She will pee on her slave or she will do it in a cup, but her slave must drink everything.
When this lovely woman decides to play, she is going to do things that most people would never even imagine. One of them is going to squat on the ground, because she wants to make a nice mess for her slave to clean up. She has a huge piss fetish that needs a great deal of attention on a regular basis. She can’t wait for her slave to clean up.
One would think a mistress in her kitchen can be a very bad thing, especially if she is alone. However, this particular mistress is going to have herself a wonderful time getting ready for a loser slaying that is about to arrive. Her plan is to make him drink up all of her golden nectar that is all over her kitchen and she is also going to humiliate him.
This Mistress knows how to treat her slave. The first thing she is going to do is request that you bring her a special drink, because she needs to have plenty of liquids in order to produce golden nectar. Then, she will instruct him on the ground, because he is going to drink up all of her golden nectar. She loves having a piss drinking slave on command.
This Mistress has many different plans for a slave that is going to experience a new type of golden shower action. Her goal is to pee into a glass, but she is going to make sure that it is completely full before he starts to drink all of her golden nectar. She absolutely loves having a piss slave and she is going to treat them quite well to all of her golden nectar.
This Mistress is stunning and she also is extremely fun to be around. All of her slaves enjoy spending time with her, but she also can be extremely hard-core when it comes time for any form of toilet training or humiliation. She is going to take matters into her own hands and produce a huge golden shower that her loser slave must drink up and swallow right in front of her.

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