Usually when a resident gets

Usually when a resident gets

Usually when a resident gets

Usually when a resident gets in a few minutes late from his authorized work release or job interviews, he gets in trouble. This dumb-ass, though, really went over the line. He waltzed in over three hours late, and acted like nothing had happened. After he went to his room, he hopped in the shower. Me and another House Manager wanted to make sure he’d get a pummeling that he’d never forget, so we grabbed the duct tape and barged in on him. Grabbing him out of the shower, the first order of business was for both me and my buddy to get our dick’s wet pronto. As he knelt on the floor in front of the toilet, he took our dicks into his mouth – both individually and both at the same time. The boy gives a damn good blow job, that’s for sure. But if he thought he would get away with some pole slobbing, he had another thing coming. Still on the floor, the other House Manager sits down to keep getting some fantastic head while I pry open his hole. After fucking him in doggie to get his hole ready, I have him ride my cock. As he rides my fattie, he still has a cock on both ends, until the other Manager grabs a sock and the tape. It’s just as well that he gets gagged up, because this fucker whines like a little bitch when he has a dick in his ass. With only muffled cries, it became a lot easier to enjoy this fuck. The dude has a perfect butt and a nice body, so this punishment was pure pleasure for us two House Managers. We put him on his back on a small table in the bathroom doorway, and continue to alternately bareback his fresh ass. After a long fucking time of slamming his hole, we have him spread his cheeks. Damn! This dude’s hole is banged the fuck up. We knew he’d have trouble sitting down the next day. I grab him by the hair and fuck him some more before taking off the tape. My buddy finished off with his head over the toilet, and I get him upside down and shoot a huge load onto both his raw hole and his face. He licks my cock clean and I give him one last good slap. I doubt this guy will be coming in late again any time soon.
The game is over but the debate has just begun and both of these sexy jocks think that without them they would have lost. Derek thinks he scored the winning goal but Austin gave him the assist yet their egos are so over blown that neither one can be happy. They end up in a wrestling match down onto the bed where they tussle around until Austin ends up on top and then the tussle slows down into a hot passionate make out session. They begin to grind each other through their gym shorts. The smooth fabric gets both of their cocks hard and they both take turns sucking cock enjoying the sensation throbbing in their mouths. Derek lubes up Austin’s hairy ass with his stiff tongue making it wet and ready for his throbbing cock to penetrate Austin’s eager but tight hole. The two bring out some passion fucking and sucking until Austin rides the cum out of Derek. Enjoy!
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Jake the mechanic from California is our straight victim this week. He’s a sexy, 24 year old bad boy type, brooding, mellow and fairly quiet. He’s 5’10”, with green eyes and short brown hair, a solid, thick, muscular build which is covered in a variety of tattoos and has a really nice 7.5” cock. He’s a real car buff who likes to work on anything with a motor – he’s been doing it since he’s six years old. And only like a straight guy can, he describes to Caruso how he fucked a chick on the beach in broad daylight while all his buddies and their girlfriends watched. Caruso pairs our straight mechanic with another dude who’s also new to porn, and that’s 25 year old self proclaimed ‘beach bum’ Josh. Josh applied to work for Caruso using the model application on and was one of the lucky ones selected. Josh is newly from Ft Lauderdale with a slender yet sexy 6’3” frame that’s nicely defined and topped off with a great looking 7” dick. Like Jake, he’s also done some fucking on the beach, or at least got fucked on the beach by apparently more than a dude or two – but no one was watching when he did it. With the preliminary boner tests done, Caruso needs to deliver the bad news – there’s no girl available for the shoot. And you should’ve seen Jake’s reaction when Caruso gave him the option of having sex with Josh – Jake jumps up all angry shouting ”SERIOUSLY”. We thought for sure he was going to start throwing punches. But, Caruso jumps in and starts telling him that ”this is porn” and we shoot all kinds of things, girl on girl, guy on guy, etc. Caruso’s chat seems to calm Jake down and before you know it he’s agreeing to give gay a try. Caruso says ”I thought you were going to freak out on us” and Jake just says ”it’s good money” so we let it go at that. With that matter settled, Caruso tells Josh to give Jake a hand and the horny, anxious boy quickly reaches for the straight dude’s cock and starts stroking. Jake tells Caruso it feels good, so Caruso tells him to give Josh a hand and both dudes are now jacking each other off. Caruso moves them on to the cocksucking portion of the show and has Josh go down on Jake. Josh just about swallows that boy’s hot cock – he was so horny and anxious for Jake’s straight dick from the first moment he saw him. Right before Jake was to return the dick licking favor, Caruso has them do a bit of sword fighting with their dicks in order to give Josh the opportunity to go in for some kissing. And they do – it’s a short but very hot make out session between the two porn newbies. It’s now Jake’s turn to suck cock for the first time and he goes right for it – a little hesitant with a cock in his mouth at first, he quickly gets that hang of it, so much so that you can tell that Josh is really enjoying being on the receiving end. Next is fucking and Caruso asks for a volunteer to take the bottoming duties. Just speaks up right away for that position – he’s been waiting to get fucked by big, straight boy cock on Caruso’s set ever since he submitted his model application. Jake slips on a condom and both boys lube up. Josh just sits right down on that 7” cock and slides it up his aching hole in one fast shot. Josh humps Jake for all he’s worth and Jake is hunching his cock into Josh’s butt. Caruso eventually tells Josh to get on his back ”and let’s see what Jake can really do”. Jake doesn’t let Caruso down and starts pounding Josh’s ass missionary style. It doesn’t take long for Josh to shoot a huge, powerful cum geyser that sprays his torso and shoots past his head and over the top of the couch arm! Jake quickly rips off his rubber and jacks his cock hard and winds up shooting a pretty big load himself that lands all over Josh’s hand. Caruso asks our straight boy Jake ”how was the experience” and Jake simple answers ”good”. He asks Josh and just by the look on his face we can see that the boy is over the moon after a hot fucking and blowing a huge nut. Then Caruso says to Jake ”We have to be honest – Josh likes boys” – a grin appears on Jake’s face as he replies ”I could tell”.
So its 2015 and to welcome in the New Year with a good hard BANG we’ve created a jackpot scene by putting two of our hottest men from 2014 together in true MENATPLAY suited style. Denis Vega takes a gamble on the gaming machines and ends up with a whole lot of cash…. Maikel Cash that is, with his fat cock deep inside him. This is the first time we’ve seen Maikel suited up and its a transformaiton that he himself admitted made him feel elite and powerful. He was so turned on by the potent power of the suit that he slams Denis up against the fruit machine to deliver Denis’ winning hard Cash in person. But the best is yet to come when Maikel strips Mr. Vega and has him ride his dick while he sits back and enjoys a glass of alcohol. Its Maikel’s self assured cockiness coupled with seeing stunner Denis Vega service him while completely naked, that makes this scene the perfect antecdote to the holiday comedown . Click on the play button above, pop your cork, and lets all christen the new year with a nice thick stream of our sticky juices!
It’s summer in Las Vegas and Hot dad Doug Jeffries and cute lad Sean Blue kiss on a chair by the pool. Sean strokes Doug’s hard cock and feels his muscular pecs. He goes down on the muscle daddy and sucks his thick dick. They kiss and Doug quickly begins blowing Sean. The wind blows hard as Doug deep throats Sean. The two men stand and kiss as Doug grabs Sean’s bubble butt. They hop in the pool and kiss flirtatiously. They lick each other’s hard nips and playfully grab at one another. They climb out of the pool and Doug bends over so Sean can rim his manly hole. The daddy moans as Sean batters his ass with his tongue. Doug fucks Sean on the couch, thrusting deep into the lad’s tight hole. Sean yells for him to fuck him harder. The lad backs his juicy booty up on Doug’s thick pipe. The wind picks up again as Sean rides Doug on the couch. Sean bounces his ass hard on and uses Doug’s cock like his own personal joy toy. The lad lays on his back and Doug pile-drives deep into his hole. Sean Blue takes a hard pounding before shooting a thick load on himself. Doug Jeffries pulls out and shoots a stream of cum all over Sean’s abs. Dad and lad share a hot kiss then hop back in the pool to cool off.

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Matt Bell’s latest novel, Appleseed,

Matt Bell’s latest novel, Appleseed, was published by Custom House in July 2021. His craft book Refuse to Be Done, a guide to novel writing, rewriting, and revision, will follow in early 2022 from Soho Press. He is also the author of the novels Scrapper and In the House upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods, as well as the short story collection A Tree or a Person or a Wall, a non-fiction book about the classic video game Baldur’s Gate II, and several other titles. His writing has appeared in and many other publications. A native of Michigan, he teaches creative writing at Arizona State University.
For press inquiries regarding Appleseed, please contact Eliza Rosenberry, Senior Publicity Manager at William Morrow.
For press inquiries regarding Refuse to Be Done, please contact Erica Loberg, Publicist at Soho Press.

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